Introducing Motoperks!

The Motopool Rewards Program

We love rewarding our loyal Motopool customers, so here’s the deal.
The longer you drive, the more Motoperks you’ll get!
Think, weekly payment reductions, 2 week payment holidays & a free KM booster pack.

Motoperks - The Motopool Rewards Program

Here’s how it works - after 12 continuous months of your Motopool Subscription you’ll get the three below amazing Perks!

12 Month Rewards

  1. You’ll be entitled to a $15 WEEKLY fee reduction. How good are those savings!
  2. We all deserve a holiday so you’ll also qualify for a 1 week Payment Holiday to be used whenever you wish!
  3. Get moving with a free KM Booster Pack! To help you go further for less, you will also be able to redeem a free 1000km booster pack whenever you choose!

But wait there is still more!

Then when you reach your next milestone of 24 continuous months of your Motopool subscription, not only will you get the above amazing Perks, but you'll also be entitled to a weekly fee reduction increase to a massive $30 per week! Feeling rewarded yet?

24 Month Rewards

  1. You’ll be entitled to an extra $15 WEEKLY fee reduction. That's a total of $30 off your weekly fee!
  2. Time for another payment holiday. To make you feel extra special this time around you will receive a massive 2 week Payment Holiday to be used whenever you wish!
  3. You'll also receive another free 1000km booster pack to use whenever you choose!

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Are you an existing Motopool Customer?

If your an existing Motopool customer then you may be eligible for Motoperks - Our Motopool Rewards Program. Simply get in touch with us via the contact box or email your Motopool concierge to see how we can help.

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