Flexible Car Subscription

A Motopool Car Subscription gives you the ability to pay for your car the same way you would pay for your Netflix membership or your gym access. You pay a simple weekly fee that covers everything to do with your car outside of fuel and get access to a range of cars that you can use as if they were your own.

Having a Motopool subscription gives you the ultimate choice and flexibility.

Step 1 – Sign Up

Sign up is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Once approved you pay your upfront fees and its time to book your ride!

Step 2 – Book your ride

Your Motopool garage has a range of different cars to suits your lifestyle. Our subscriptions plan’s and pricing gives you the ability to select the best car for your budget and needs.

Step 3 – Enjoy!

All of our cars are cleaned, fueled and ready to go when we do our handover with you. You just pay your weekly subscription fee, pay for fuel and tolls as you go, and use the car as if it is your own. We take car of everything else.

We have a subscription option for everyone.
Check out our different plans.

Starter Plan

From $154per week
  • Covers all costs outside of fuel
  • Minimum Term – 3 months
  • 250km Included per week
  • Swap Vehicles for $300
  • One off joining fee of $250

Value Plan

From $194per week
  • Covers all costs outside of fuel
  • Minimum Term – 3 months
  • 500km Included per week
  • Swap Vehicles every 3 months
  • One off joining fee of $250

Premium Plan

From $224per week
  • Covers all costs outside of fuel
  • Minimum Term – 2 months
  • 750km Included per week
  • Swap Vehicles every 2 months
  • No Joining Fee

Why Choose Motopool?


  • Long term commitment – once you buy your locked in

  • Limited to just the one style of car that you buy

  • Hassle and expense of managing ongoing bills and maintenance

  • Difficult and often costly to change or sell your car


  • Flexible Car Subscription giving you the ability to cancel or pause

  • Access to a range of cars to suit your lifestyle changes

  • One simply weekly subscription payment covers all expenses

  • Choice, Flexibility and Simplicity for your lifestyle

What does your subscription cover?

  • Full access to use the car as if it were your own during your subscription

  • All servicing, maintenance and tyre costs are covered by Motopool

  • Cars come with full comprehensive insurance coverage for you

  • Registration, CTP and Roadside assistance is also covered

  • All you need to pay for is as you go expenses such as fuel and tolls!

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What are the differences between the plans?2019-11-13T12:08:06+00:00

Motopool offers 3 different plans to choose from. The main differences between the plans are:

  • Price per week
  • Number of KM’s included
  • Minimum Term
  • Car swaps available

To find out more check out the Cars Page.

How new are the vehicles?2019-11-13T12:12:26+00:00

All of our vehicles are near new with current models ranging from 2018 on wards – this means you will always have the latest models available to you.

How long can I keep a vehicle?2019-11-13T12:12:50+00:00

You can keep each car as long as you need it as the subscription is designed to be a flexible long term alternative to car ownership.

From time to time we may need to ask for a car back to carry out service requirements or to change the car over – in which case we will supply you with another similar car.

What is included in a Motopool subscription?2018-11-20T12:44:38+00:00

Your subscription includes insurance, registration, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. Any additional charges incurred through using the vehicles are the responsibility of the driver including tolls, fuel, parking infringements or speeding fines.

What vehicles are included with Motopool?2019-11-13T12:13:19+00:00

Motopool offers a variety of different cars including Small cars, SUV’s and Utes. We are constantly updating our vehicles so if you’re looking for something in particular get in contact with us to see if we can help. You can refer to the Motopool Cars Page for a current list or check out the Motopool website.

How do I change cars?2019-11-13T12:13:42+00:00

To change cars you simply need to notify your Motopool Concierge of what car you want with at least 3 days’ notice and then simply come into our dealership to pick up the car which will be cleaned and fuelled and ready to go. This is provided you have a car swap available under your current plan – or you can pay $300 at any time to swap cars.

Who is a Motopool concierge?2018-11-12T09:57:50+00:00

Think of the Motopool concierge as your personal vehicle support team. Not only will they deliver your car, they’ll work with you to understand changes to your needs and help you choose the right car. Your concierge is there to help you maximise the benefits and the experience of your Motopool subscription.

What about insurance?2020-02-28T13:39:01+00:00

Insurance is included with your Motopool subscription. All approved drivers are covered by the Motopool insurance policy. The standard excess included in the policy is $3500 however you can reduce this to $1000 for an additional $20 on your weekly subscription payment.

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