Choose a Motopool Car Subscription

At Motopool we believe that you want choice, flexibility and simplicity in your life and this goes hand in hand with having access to the right car for the right occasion. A subscription gives you the ability to pay for your car the same way you would pay for your Netflix membership, your gym access or your favourite magazine. Take away the hassle of car ownership and open up your options with the Motopool Subscription.

Having a Motopool subscription is as fun as having your own 6 car garage.

Step 1 – Sign Up

Sign up is easy and once approved you pay a simple monthly fee that covers everything apart from your fuel and gives you access to so much more.

Step 2 – Book your ride

Your Motopool garage has you covered no matter what the occasion. Want to impress your friends? Luxury and style with the whole family? Got a camping adventure planned? The choice is yours.

Step 3 – Enjoy!

Your concierge will deliver your car right to your door – cleaned, full of fuel and ready to go! Your concierge will ensure you get the most out of up to 3 different cars each month.

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Subscription includes concierge service

  • Your concierge works with you to make sure you always have the perfect car for the occasion

  • Tell them what your requirements are and they will make sure you have the perfect vehicle

  • Each car will be delivered to your door by your concierge cleaned and full of fuel and your last vehicle collected

  • Your concierge will show you through all the features and functions to ensure you get the most out of each car

  • Your concierge is your guide to enjoying your Motopool subscription – let us know what we can do to help

Why Choose Motopool?


  • Long term commitment

  • Limited to one car

  • Hassle and expense of ongoing maintenance

  • Difficult and often costly to change cars


  • Monthly Subscription – Cancel or pause at any time

  • Access to a range of cars to suit your lifestyle

  • One simply monthly payment covers all expenses

  • Choice, Flexibility and Simplicity


How new are the vehicles?2018-11-12T09:59:24+00:00

All of our vehicles are near new – this means you will always have the latest models available to you.

How long can I keep a vehicle?2018-11-12T09:59:03+00:00

You can keep each car up to 1 month. There are also no restrictions on how short your time with any car needs to be – so if you only want that perfect ride for the weekend – that’s no problem.

From time to time we may need to ask for a car back to carry out routine maintenance – but if that should happen, your personal concierge will drive to you and replace your current vehicle with another car just like the one you have.

Some vehicles may have restrictions around their availability, so please consult your vehicle guide to find out more.

What is included in a Motopool subscription?2018-11-20T12:44:38+00:00

Your subscription includes insurance, registration, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. Any additional charges incurred through using the vehicles are the responsibility of the driver including tolls, fuel, parking infringements or speeding fines.

What vehicles are included with Motopool?2018-11-12T09:57:15+00:00

Motopool offers a variety of different cars from SUV’s to Sportscars to Utes. Refer to the Motopool Vehicle Guide for a current list or check out the Motopool website.

How do I change cars?2018-11-12T09:57:06+00:00

You use the Motopool booking system or call your concierge to request your next vehicle. You’ll give details of when and where you would like to receive it. A Motopool concierge will deliver your new car cleaned and fuelled. You can change (flip) cars up to 3 times each month.

Who is a Motopool concierge?2018-11-12T09:57:50+00:00

Think of the Motopool concierge as your personal vehicle support team. Not only will they deliver your car, they’ll work with you to understand changes to your needs and help you choose the right car. Your concierge is there to help you maximise the benefits and the experience of your Motopool subscription.

What about insurance?2018-11-20T12:45:34+00:00

Insurance is included with your Motopool subscription. All approved drivers are covered by the Motopool insurance policy. The standard excess included in the policy is $1500. For more information refer to the membership agreement.

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