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Are you planning your next road trip adventure in Western Australia? Motopool discovers some of the top destinations to add to your itinerary. 

With its sweeping coastlines and impressive roads, it's no surprise that Western Australia is famous for its excellent road trip destinations. Boasting some of the most breathtaking landscapes, beaches and diverse scenery, it's certainly a big favourite for those who want to explore while behind the wheel.

Coral Coast Highway – Perth to Exmouth

Located between Perth and Exmouth, the Coral Coast Highway is one of the top destinations for those wanting to explore Western Australia by road. It's been noted to be one of the most incredible road trips on Earth! The drive is simply stunning, hugging the spectacular Indian Ocean coastline as it weaves its way past some of the most pristine beaches on the planet. (... of course, if you need a car, ute or SUV for this trip, Motopool Perth has a great range of vehicles available for subscription)

The Coral Coast Highway also takes you to three World Heritage areas, including Shark Bay and Ningaloo – known for their beautiful reefs and diverse sea life. The first stop is the spectacular Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park as you weave towards the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Coral Coast Highway is from March to November, when you can enjoy the blissful warm weather and plenty of wildlife. If you want to swim with whale sharks, the months of March to July are best, while during March to October, you can enjoy ample wildflowers blooming.

How To Get There

The drive consists of 1,250km of stunning scenery. The Coral Coast Highway starts two hours north of Perth and is easily accessible. Known for its impeccable roads and driving experience, it's one drive you want to take advantage of.

Needing more information on how to get to this incredible spot? Luckily, the Coral Coast has its website with detailed information on the drive and how to get there! It's that famous!

What to do

Boasting some of the world's best fishing, snorkeling, surfing, and diving, the Perth to Exmouth drive can offer more than an incredible road experience. With so much wildlife and history to enjoy, there is something to please everyone. Swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo or humpback whales and manta rays, or you may want to explore the national parks with a guided tour adventure. With delectable spots dotted along the drive, pulling over for a break and a bite to eat is also a joyful experience. 

Plan Your Trip

With so much world-class coastline to explore, Motopool recommends planning your trip. We've found some great websites that can help;

The Golden Outback – Esperance / Kepa Kurl

Want to experience the incredible outback by road? The Golden Outback road trip is certainly one for you, weaving from the countryside to the coastline. This experience will take you through historic country towns and some of Earth's most extraordinary landscapes. Soak in the beauty of Lucky Bay – home to the world's whitest beach – while marvelling at the kangaroos lazing on the shoreline.

From incredible wildflower fields to the pink Lake Hiller in the Recherche Archipelago, your sights and senses will be overloaded on this epic road trip. When the day is done, look up and enjoy some of the best star gazing on the planet. 

Best Time To Visit

Seasonal temperatures can fluctuate in The Golden Outback. It can get scorching during the months of summer. However, with Esperance being on the coast, it does boast cooler breezes and a slightly cooler weather pattern. The best time to visit to make the most of your adventure is between May and September, with the hottest times from December to March.

If you want to glimpse the incredible wildflowers on display, the best months are from August to September, after good winter rains.

How To Get There

Easily accessible by road, Esperance can be located from Albany Highway and the South Coast Highway. The two main highways include the Great Eastern Highway to Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Great Northern Highway to Meekatharra. But with so many routes, you can find an alternative that suits you and the adventures you want to experience. Some routes may require a 4WD, so it's always best to plan.

The great news is there are so many adventures for the Golden Outback road trip and even pre-built itineraries and safety suggestions to ensure you get the best out of your journey. Travel times between the stunning outback towns can be very long, so you must plan correctly for this journey. Quicker routes can be accessed on unsurfaced roads with four-wheel drive vehicles for the ultimate driving experience. Spring is the best time to enjoy this adventure, with temperatures tending to skyrocket during the summer. 

What To Do

Explore historic towns and immerse yourself in this beautiful region's rich history and heritage. From outback pubs, ghost towns, goldfields and stunning salt lakes, this trip will make for some beautiful memories and great photo opportunities as you weave from the outback towards the coast.

There are ample heritage trails, including the Norseman Heritage Trail, Leonora Loop Trails, Public Silo Trail, Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, The Wheatbelt Way and more. Wildflowers, Wave Rock, outback lakes and wineries – what more could you ask?

Plan Your Trip

When heading off into the Golden Outback, planning your itinerary well to get the most out of your experience is important. Motopool has discovered some great websites that can help;

Perth To Broome – The Entire Experience 

With 2,360km of coastline to explore, it's no wonder this destination tops the list for Australia's great drives. Soak up the coastal scenes and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as you weave along the Western Australian coastline. Steeped in rich history and spectacular landscapes, if you are after a scenic drive that will stay with you long after the car is safely tucked away in the garage, this is undoubtedly it. 

With a millennium of Aboriginal history, the roads from Perth to Broome are immersed in rich Australian culture. From visiting sites home to indigenous groups for tens of thousands of years to the ports and towns famous for pioneering. Broome is also internationally renowned for their pearling history.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to head off on this road trip of a lifetime is between April and November. This is particularly important as Western Australia's tropical cyclone season tends to fall from December to March. This can severely impact your travel plans, with flooding and many guided tours coming to a halt.

How To Get There

Take the breathtaking coastal route to get the most out of your adventure. This will take approximately 24 hours of driving. Many suggest putting aside seven to 10 days to truly enjoy this incredible drive. It is essential to check that all of your destinations have sealed roads or which ones will require 4WD to enjoy.

Luckily, most roads are now sealed since the major Broome Cape Leveque Road sealing project. There are many routes for this drive, so planning is imperative. However most will plan the trip from Perth to Geraldton, Geraldton to Carnarvon, Carnarvon to Exmouth, Exmouth to Karratha, Karratha to Port Headland, and Port Headland to Broome. A GPS is highly recommended as too having a good old fashioned map on hand.

What To Do

Enjoy the vast array of varied landscapes, from the vastness of the Pinnacles Desert in Cervantes to Nambung National Park and Jurien Bay. Explore the magnificent gorges of the Karijini National Park and the world-famous beaches of Turquoise Bay. 

For the sea-dwelling lovers, take a splash with some dolphin watching at Monkey Mia or swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef. Or, for those who love the land dwellers, catch a glimpse of some wild emus. Immerse yourself in the rich Aboriginal culture and communities by learning about their deep connection to the land, dreamtime stories and incredible art. The beauty of this drive is most certainly its flexibility. Whether you want to complete the drive in a week or spread it over a month, the journey can be as leisurely or as fast-paced as you wish.

The Perth to Broome drive is certainly one for the memory books and encapsulates the essence and beauty of the Western Australian coastline. Every kilometre tells a rich story, from ancient Aboriginal tales to modern-day adventures. It's more than just a drive; it's an exploration of history, culture, and the relentless beauty of nature. So pack your bags, fuel up, and embark on a journey that promises memories for a lifetime.

Plan Your Trip

The Perth to Broome adventure is one worth planning in infinite detail so you can ensure you get the best out of your journey;

The Great Ocean Drive – Esperance

With Esperance arguably boasting the most beautiful beaches in the world, it's no wonder this drive has many road trip enthusiasts hopping in their cars and heading off on an adventure. With one of the most stunning stretches of ocean road, the drive is enjoyable, and the scenery is simply picture-perfect.

Remember to pack the swimmers and snorkelling gear. With Esperance known for its famous limestone reef and incredible swimming spots, there's no doubt you'll be desperate to stretch those legs with a dip in gem-coloured waters along the way.

This 40km loop will take you to some of the best oceanside driving in the world, particularly if you love the beach and everything it offers – cue the surfing, snorkelling and diving. If that’s your cup-of-tea then this is certainly the trip for you. But for the land dwellers, there's also an impressive selection of bushwalking, bike riding and seasonal whale watching.

Best Time To Visit

Depending on what you are looking for, the Great Ocean Drive tends to be a big hit in the summer months due to the immense amount of water-based activities. The months from December to February will provide stunning weather and breathtaking sunsets. June to October are the best times to catch a glimpse of migrating whales and dolphins. 

How To Get There

Esperance is located 700km from Perth, around a 7 ½ hour drive via National Route 1. It can also be reached via plane or bus from Perth. The Great Ocean Drive starts just a few kilometres from Esperance and is a 40km circular loop that takes around 1-3 hours, depending on what adventures you want to take part in.

The Great Ocean Drive begins in the town itself by heading east on Fisheries Road from the town centre. The drive is very well signposted for you to enjoy this incredible scenic route. 

What To Do?

This is definitely a nature playground and will have something for everyone to explore and enjoy, from sheltered beaches to ample viewing points of the magical coast to taking a stroll down Nine Mile Beach to discover hidden rockpools and a lagoon that is well-known for its snorkelling. Pop over to Ten Mile Lagoon for a spot of fishing or swimming, or head to Ten Mile Wind Farm and dabble in the history of Esperance and their world-known wind farms.

Pink Lake Lookout is also high on the agenda for those who adore spectacular sunsets and history. There are also plenty of arts and crafts to enjoy, or take a walk or bike the Great Ocean Trail.

Plan Your Trip

With so much to explore in Esperance, it's always best to ensure your itinerary is up to scratch;

Caves Road – Margaret River Region

Famous for its world-class surfing and wineries, the Margaret River region also boasts one of the best driving experiences in Australia. The 111km scenic route between Cape Naturaliste in the North and Cape Leeuwin in the South is one of the most renowned driving road trips in Western Australia.

Connecting Busselton with Augusta, the road is a beautiful alternative route to the Bussell Highway. This inland coastal road provides a relaxing experience that will tantalize the eyes. Enjoy kilometres of towering giants of Jarrah, Karris and Marris trees as you wind through a maze of wineries and wildflowers. It is the perfect road to leisurely cruise while enjoying all the sights and beauty this region offers. 

Enjoy the local produce and wine while marvelling at the livestock grazing in paddocks. The colour changes are something everyone raves about on this trip – watch the open lush green paddocks transform to deep greens and browns of the native trees. It's certainly a drive to remember.

Best Time To Visit

If you want less winds and calmer days, the best time to visit the Margaret River region is during Autumn in the months of March to May. However, when it comes to visiting Caves Road to enjoy driving through endless wildflowers, mid to late Spring, in September through to November, is the best time to book your trip.

During Spring, you are also more likely to catch a glimpse of whales during your trip around the region. 

How To Get There

If you are not already enjoying the incredible Margaret River region, you can travel there by road from Perth, Western Australia. The drive to Margaret River is around three to four hours by car, depending on which route you want to take. The most direct route is to head to the Kwinana Freeway out of Perth and follow the signs to Bunbury, then Busselton. Margaret River is approximately 50km south of Busselton. Once in Margaret River, head towards Bussell Highway in Abby and follow the signs to Cave Road.   

What To Do

This drive is indeed for wine enthusiasts and those who love good local produce. Visit the incredible wineries dotted around the region and marvel at the endless rows of vineyards. Many wine tours travel this road if you want to enjoy the experience and all the tastes on offer.

Take a trip to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and soak up the incredible views from one Cape to another. This drive is certainly scenic, so enjoy the road and the scenes, stopping to marvel at the wildflowers that carpet the region from Cape to Cape or the impressive trees that tower overhead. The Margaret River region itself is also renowned for surfing, white beaches and stunning cave systems. 

Plan Your Trip

When visiting Cave Road or Margaret River, it's always best to make a good plan to ensure you make the most out of your holiday and driving experience. Motopool has done all the hard work and found some of the best websites to get you started;



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