Pet-Friendly Journeys: Enhancing Canine Comfort with Car Subscription Platforms

Pet-Friendly Journeys: Enhancing Canine Comfort with Car Subscription Platforms banner

Embarking on a road trip with your furry friend can be an enriching experience, but ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey is paramount. With the rise of car subscription platforms, pet owners now have the opportunity to select vehicles that cater specifically to the needs of their four-legged companions. Motopool explore how to choose the perfect pet-friendly car, prioritise your dog and cat's safety, and leverage car subscription services to fulfil your canine's dreams of a comfortable ride.

Heading off on a road trip or just a casual romp at the beach with your four-legged companion is a big priority for pet lovers. However, it’s not uncommon that many car lovers do not have suitable vehicles to accommodate this incredible adventure – particularly those of us who own larger dog breeds. Enter the car subscription market! Car subscriptions are now allowing pet lovers - who possibly decide to upgrade from a more petite pooch to a larger one - the option also to upgrade their vehicles to accommodate.

It's also essential to understand that no matter the size, shape or cuteness of your dog, to prevent serious injury for passengers and pets, all dogs should be restrained in a vehicle correctly. Studies have shown the dangers of driving with pets in the car when they are not restrained, not only from a distraction point of view but also to protect passengers from serious injury during a crash. A Volvo Car USA study revealed that those who drove their vehicles while allowing their dogs to roam free practised unsafe driving behaviours. In fact, the hazardous driving behaviour more than doubled compared to those who had correctly restrained their pets with seat belts, harnesses, crates or carriers. So, before you choose the perfect size car for your perfect size puppy, ensure you also invest in the correct restrainment to keep you and your pet safe during travels.

How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Car

  • Interior Space - Opt for a car with ample interior space that allows your pet easy access inside to find that perfect place to curl up before attaching your seatbelt or harness. If you are thinking of travelling with a large pet-crate on board – check the cargo or boot size of your vehicle to ensure the crate will fit. Many SUVs have built-in gates and barriers across their roof and back seats. This can be an excellent addition for pet lovers. However, it is also advised that you clip your pet into a harness and anchor them to the back of the seat or cargo floor (most come with anchor points – however, it is fundamental to check). Another top tip is to train your dog consistently to lie down when travelling, and do not allow them to walk around.
  •   Easy-to-Clean Surfaces - Look for cars with interiors featuring materials resistant to stains and easy to clean, such as leather or synthetic upholstery, to handle any unexpected messes or accidents. Floor mats that are made of plastic or tray covers for the boot floor are also a must when it comes to travelling with pets. It’s also an excellent tip to keep some baby-wipes handy in the car so you can quickly clean up any mess – cue the muddy paws. Pet rugs and blankets are also best to protect the upholstery when your pup is onboard. Leather can easily scuff, while fabric can be challenging to keep clean.
  •   Climate Control - Ensure the car has efficient climate control features to maintain a comfortable temperature for your dog, especially during hot summer days or chilly winter trips.  

What Car is Best for Pets?

  • SUVs and Wagons - Vehicles with higher ground clearance, such as SUVs and wagons, offer more space and flexibility for accommodating larger breeds or multiple dogs. If your pets struggle to get in and out, consider purchasing a collapsible doggy ramp to make this process much easier on your pet’s joints and your back! If you do not want to use a ramp, check how big the jump is from the boot to the floor. Some SUVs can change their height while others you will need to either pick up your dog, or use a ramp.
  • Hatchbacks - Compact hatchbacks can be suitable for smaller breeds, providing a cosy yet spacious environment for them to travel securely. However, you need only a hatchback and have a larger breed; in that case, some wonderful hammocks on the market can transform your backseat into a doggy hammock for extra space – utilising all of that floor space into a lounging luxury. Again, you must clip your pet into their harness and buckle them in while teaching them to lie down at all times in the car.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in Your Car

  • Seat Belts and Harnesses - Invest in a quality dog seat belt or harness that attaches securely to the car's seatbelt system, preventing your pet from roaming around the vehicle while in motion. Dogs that jump on the driver's lap or bounce from one window to another are unsafe; your pet could become seriously injured during a minor crash.
  • Crates and Barriers - Utilise crates or barriers explicitly designed for cars to create a safe and confined space for your dog, reducing the risk of injury during sudden stops or accidents.

Should You Put Your Pet in the Backseat or the Boot?

Backseat - Placing your dog or cat in the backseat allows for easier interaction and monitoring during the journey, ensuring they remain comfortable and secure with proper restraint.

Boot - The boot can offer more space and freedom of movement for larger breeds or when travelling with multiple dogs, provided it is well-ventilated and equipped with safety features. However, it is advised to use a strong pet barrier, and if you only have one dog in the boot, consider also harnessing them into the boot for extra safety. This can also prevent your dog from escaping out of the boot when you arrive at your destination.

Top Tips to Choose the Best Car for Your Pet

Test Drives - Before committing to a car subscription, take your dog for test drives to assess their comfort and behaviour within the vehicle. Don’t forget to check the size of your crates and ask about boot barriers.

Research Safety Ratings - Prioritise cars with high safety ratings and advanced safety features, including airbags, stability control, and rear-view cameras, to protect your dog in case of accidents.

Does The Car Size Matter?

While size is a consideration, prioritising comfort, safety, and ease of access for your dog should take precedence over the car's dimensions. Focus on finding a vehicle that accommodates your dog's needs and preferences.

How Car Subscriptions Can Help You Get into the Car of Your Pet's Dreams

Car subscription platforms offer flexibility and convenience, allowing pet owners to access various vehicles tailored to their requirements. By choosing a pet-friendly car subscription service, you can select the ideal vehicle with features that prioritise your dog's comfort and safety, ensuring enjoyable journeys for you and your furry companion.

Pet-friendly car subscription platforms provide a convenient solution for pet owners seeking vehicles that cater to the needs of their canine companions. You can select the perfect car to accommodate your dog's travel requirements by prioritising features such as interior space, safety, and comfort. Whether it's a spacious SUV or a compact hatchback, car subscriptions offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to embark on memorable journeys with your beloved pet.

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