Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?


Motopool has 3 different plans each with a different price point. You pay the plan fee which gives you access to the different plan benefits and then also a car fee based on the car you select.

Starter Plan – $70 per week + Car Fee

Value Plan – $110 per week + Car Fee

Premium Plan – $150 per week + Car Fee

You also have a one off joining fee of $250 to sign up and may require a security deposit.

Who pays for fuel?


While using the car you are required to pay for fuel as needed. All Motopool cars are delivered with a full tank of fuel. There is no need to fill the car when returning it if you don’t want to as we will re-fuel as part of the service and simply charge a fixed rate per litre which will be charged to your monthly fees. The set price for fuel is listed in the member manual on our website.

When is payment due?


A valid credit card or debit card is required during signup to set up a direct debit. The security deposit will be charged in advance of when your first vehicle is delivered. Then your weekly subscription fee along with the one off joining fee will be charged when you pick up the vehicle. We do offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly billing cycles all of which are charged in advance for your ongoing subscription payments.

Any additional charges incurred for fuel or tolls are charged monthly. Any excess KM’s that are used are charged as per the billing cycle you have selected.

What is the minimum sign up to Motopool?


The minimum term differs depending on the plan you select. The shortest minimum term is available on the Premium Plan which is 2 months and the longest minimum term is 3 months. Motopool is a weekly subscription service meaning it will automatically continue each week until you notify us you wish to hand the car back. The handback notice period is 21 days provided you have completed your minimum term.

What if I want to stop and start again?


If you do wish to stop your subscription at some point – say you’re going overseas for a holiday – and want to start back up you can. As long as you have completed the initial minimum term for your plan – then you can start back up again without having to re-pay the joining fee. You can also change between the different plans on a monthly basis if you wish.

How well equipped are the cars?


Each car comes standard will all the bells and whistles you would expect to see in these latest model cars. Each car is unique however and you should refer to the user manual located in the glove box for any specifics.

Are pets allowed in the vehicles?


We do not allow pets in cars as a general rule – however we can make exceptions in certain circumstances if you speak to one of our concierges.

How much notice is required to swap cars?


The standard time to notify Motopool or request a car is 3 days. This gives us time to ensure that we always have the right car available to you. The more notice you give the better but we will always work to accommodate urgent requests for our members.

How do tolls work?


Tolls are not included in the membership fee. You can setup and use your own toll reader in the car or if you do not do this Motopool has all of our cars listed on our toll account which uses the registration lookup. If you do use Motopool's tolls account while driving these will simply be added to your future subscription fees along with an admin fee of $2.50 per toll.

What happens if my vehicle needs repair?


As all Motopool cars are near new you should never have to worry about repair issues. However, if something unexpected should happen – simply notify your Motopool concierge and we will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

What happens if I get into an accident?


Firstly call 000 if anybody is hurt or if you think drugs or alcohol may be involved or the other party to the accident refuses to exchange contact details.

Call us on 07 3884 9494 to report the accident. If the car is driveable you can continue on your way and notify us when you can or send us an email including your details, the car’s rego and a brief message around the damage/accident.

Be sure to get all the information at the scene of the accident including the registration numbers of any vehicles involved, driver’s details including the full name, license number, address, phone number, their insurer and date of birth. Please also get the details of any witnesses to the accident and photographs that may be helpful. If the police have been called please ensure you also get the police report number and the name of the officers attending. These can be sent to:

How are additional KM's dealt with?


The Motopool subscription includes between 250 – 750 KM’s per week depending on the Subscription Plan you are on. If you use additional KM’s over this then they will be charged at 30 cents per KM and are charged based on your billing cycle. 

Can anyone else drive the vehicle?


Yes, you can register additional drivers as long as they are eligible and add them to your account. Additional drivers cost $10 per driver a week.

Am I responsible for the Motopool vehicle?


Yes, we expect our members to take care of the Motopool cars as if they owned them themselves. Please drive carefully and follow all laws at all times. We also expect you to keep the car clean and to notify us of any excessive mess or damage to the car.

What type of vehicles are available for business?


At Motopool we supply a vast range of passenger vehicles through to Four Wheel Drives and Commercial Vehicles. So whatever your needs - we have you covered.

Do you supply Commercial vehicles that are trade prepared?


Yes! At Motopool we can help you build the vehicle to spec. Whether it be a Ute,  Four Wheel drive or Van we have can design and build the bright solution for your business.

Can I claim my car subscription through tax?


Car Subscription can be a great way to get your next work vehicle on the road as the weekly subscription payments can be fully tax deductible depending on your circumstances. Speak to your accountant about how this can work for you.

What does my Car subscription cover?


A Motopool Car Subscription Includes your insurance, CTP and Roadside assistance as well as your servicing, tyres and any other maintenance costs. The only extras for your is Fuel and tolls if required.

Can I have additional drivers for my business?


Your car includes insurance for the main driver. Additional drivers can be added to your contract for $10. If you need more than one additional driver speak to Motopool about a tailored package. 

I am starting a new business how can car subscription benefit me?


Get you business off to a flying start without having to commit to a long term loan or lease. Motopool can help all business's whether they are 1 day old or 10 years. Easy application process and brand new vehicles available on a fixed weekly price.

How does insurance work?


Insurance is included with your Motopool subscription. All approved drivers are covered by the Motopool insurance policy. The standard excess included in the policy is $3500 however you can reduce this to $1000 for an additional $20 on your weekly subscription payment.

Who is a Motopool concierge?


Think of the Motopool concierge as your personal vehicle support team. Not only will they deliver your car, they’ll work with you to understand changes to your needs and help you choose the right car. Your concierge is there to help you maximise the benefits and the experience of your Motopool subscription.

How do I change cars?


To change cars you simply need to notify your Motopool Concierge of what car you want with at least 3 days’ notice and then simply come into our dealership to pick up the car which will be cleaned and fuelled and ready to go. This is provided you have a car swap available under your current plan – or you can pay $300 at any time to swap cars.

What vehicles can I access through Motopool?


Motopool offers a variety of different cars including Small cars, SUV’s and Utes. We are constantly updating our vehicles so if you’re looking for something in particular get in contact with us to see if we can help. You can refer to the Motopool Cars Page for a current list or check out the Motopool website.

What's included in a Motopool subscription?


Your subscription includes insurance, registration, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. Any additional charges incurred through using the vehicles are the responsibility of the driver including tolls, fuel, parking infringements or speeding fines.

What are the differences between the plans?


Motopool offers 3 different plans to choose from. The main differences between the plans are:

  • Price per week
  • Number of KM’s included
  • Minimum Term
  • Car swaps available

To find out more check out the Cars Page.

How long can I keep the vehicle?


You can keep each car as long as you need it as the subscription is designed to be a flexible long term alternative to car ownership.

From time to time we may need to ask for a car back to carry out service requirements or to change the car over – in which case we will supply you with another similar car.

How new are the vehicles?


All of our vehicles are near new with current models ranging typically from 2018 on wards – this means you will always have the latest models available to you.