Get all the benefits of ownership with none of the long term commitment.

A Car Subscription gives you all the benefits of owning a car with none of the long term commitment & hassle associated with ownership.

One simple payment and we take care of everything to do with the car!
So the only thing you'll have to worry about is fuel.

Best of all it is easy to get started with Motopool today.

4 Simple Steps to getting into a Car Subscription today.

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1. Sign Up Online

Sign up is easy and can be done in just 2 minutes on our website. We will give you an approval immediately so you know where you stand. Approval is completely commitment free and you wont need to pay anything unless you decide to go ahead. Once approved its time to decide on the Car.

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2. Choose your Car

At Motopool we offer a wide range of cars and commercial vehicles to suit your lifestyle and budget. From Small and Economical, 7 Seat Capacity, Luxury SUV's all the way through to High End Utes. Motopool has an option to cater for every purpose and budget. With no long term commitment as well your not locked in forever.

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3. Choose Your Plan

Every one of our Cars come on 3 different plans including our Starter Plan, Value Plan and Premium Plan. Your Plan covers how you are going to use the vehicle such as the amount of KM's you will drive. This means you are only paying your subscription fee based on your individual circumstances. All our Plan details can be viewed with each car.

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4. Ready to go!

Your now ready to pick up your car and enjoy! All our cars come detailed and ready to go with a full tank of fuel. Your covered by 24 hour roadside assist as well as the Motopool Concierge Team who is here to help you get the most out of your subscription. Need to change Plan or update any details? Just get in touch with the team.

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What does your subscription cover?

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Registration and CTP No need to worry about unexpected bills - we cover everything to do with the car.
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Servicing and Maintenance Any car related expenses such as servicing, maintenance and tyres are on us too.
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Comprehensive Insurance Also included is full comprehensive insurance coverage for yourself and any additional drivers
Roadside Assistance
24 Hour Roadside Assistance Your cars come with roadside assistance to give you complete peace of mind.

What's included in each of our plans?

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Starter Plan

from $154 p/week
Covers All costs outside of fuel
Minimum Term 3 Months
250km included per week
One off joining fee of $250

Value Plan

from $194 p/week
Covers All costs outside of fuel
Minimum Term 3 Months
500km included per week
One off joining fee of $250

Premium Plan

from $234 p/week
Covers All costs outside of fuel
Minimum Term 2 Months
750km included per week
No Joining Fee

Best of all, the longer you subscribe the more you'll save!

Introducing Motoperks!


We love rewarding our loyal Motopool customers, so here’s the deal.
The longer you drive, the more Motoperks you’ll get!

Think, weekly payment reductions, 2 week payment holidays & a free KM booster pack.

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What else do I need to know?

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  • You have full access to use the car as if it were your own during your subscription

  • All you need to pay for is as you go expenses such as fuel and tolls

  • Our minimum term is just 2 months - outside of that you can continue, cancel or pause

  • Our concierge team will do a full handover on you're car and make sure your all set to go

  • You have the flexibility to change and update your subscription details as needed - our team is here to help!

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Motopool has partnered with FinanceBeagle.

We know that subscription may not be for everyone forever and that's why we have partnered with the team at FinanceBeagle. FinanceBeagle specialise in all things cars and finance - so if and when you decide its time to move on from your subscription FinanceBeagle has you covered.

The team at FinanceBeagle can help you find the perfect car for you at the best price, and also find you the best deal on finance whether it be Car Finance, Novated Leasing or Personal Finance.

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