<b>The New Alternative to Rent-to-Own Car Options</b>

The New Alternative to Rent-to-Own Car Options

 Historically, one of the most popular ways to avoid the significant upfront financial commitment of purchasing a car was to choose a rent-to-own agreement. They often come with the appeal of no credit checks, deposits, or as part of a Centrelink-approved loan. However, the rent-to-own models also come with inflated costs, restrictive term with outdated and unnecessary limitations.

There is an alternative to traditional rent-to-own with car subscription. For a simple weekly subscription fee, Motopool applies your selected vehicle and covers all associated costs, leaving fuel and tolls with you.

Car Subscription vs. Long-Term Rent-to-Own Cars

With Motopool’s new Car Subscription services, you'll find a far more manageable balance of convenience, affordability, and choice.

Traditional Rent-To-Own vehicle agreements operate on a linear path, forcing you to choose a car, pay regularly with the promise of eventual ownership, and have little flexibility.

A car subscription, however, means you never need to outlay the total cost of a depreciating vehicle or be stuck with a balloon payment for a car that's suddenly worth a fraction of what you bought it for.

Motopool allows you to choose from a wide range of the newest vehicles, leaving you to simply enjoy the drive. Then, when you're ready for something newer or different, just come back and select another.

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Transforming Long-Term Car Access With Car Subscriptions

Car subscriptions are the fastest-growing alternative to long-term rentals and rent-to-own cars. With Australia's cost of living crisis, Car Subscriptions are a much-needed alternative that is receiving a warm welcome nationwide.

With Car Subscription, there's no need to be tied up to a single-car model. Discovering the future of automotive access is easy.


  • Inclusive of all expenses, except for fuel and toll costs
  • 3-month minimum subscription period
  • 250km weekly allotment
  • One-off joining fee of $250


  • Inclusive of all expenses, except for fuel and toll costs
  • 3-month minimum subscription period
  • 500km weekly allotment
  • One-off joining fee of $250


  • All-inclusive, except fuel and toll costs
  • 2-month minimum subscription period
  • 750km weekly allotment
  • No joining fee

With your chosen plan, you unlock a diverse fleet of vehicles and premium services. And with no maximum limit on your subscription duration, Motopool becomes your go-to choice for adaptable, cost-effective, long-term car solutions in cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney Ballarat and coastal areas like the Gold Coast and Geelong.


What are Rent-to-Own Cars?

Car rent-to-own agreements are a model that spans a temporary period, offering the lessee a chance to eventually own the car at the end of the lease term. Each payment will contribute towards the cost of the car, as well as the fee of leasing the vehicle itself. This means that, while someone might have access to a vehicle before they have the funds to purchase it immediately, with a car rent-to-own options, you typically pay more in the long run (and gradually lose the value of your investment with depreciation).

Here's a breakdown of how it generally works:

  1. Lease-Purchase Car Agreements: Customers agree to rent the car for a set period, often spanning several years.
  2. Payments: Regular payments combine rental fees and contributions toward the car's purchase.
  3. Ownership Transition: After completing all payments, customers can choose to own the car, optionally by making a final 'balloon payment.'
  4. Flexibility vs. Costs: Though rent-to-own offers an ownership path, it may result in higher long-term expenses than other financing options.

Quick Sign Up With Car Subscription

  1. Quick & Easy Online Registration: Get started with our user-friendly online registration. In just 2 minutes, you can complete the necessary ID and credit assessments for instant approval. And remember, you only need to make the refundable security deposit when you're set to hit the road.
  2. Personalised Concierge Service: Our friendly team will reach out to guide you through your ideal ride of the latest models in hatch , SUV, utes, or vans. Unlike car rent-to-own options, you can interchange vehicles as your lifestyle and needs change.
  3. Choose Your Plan: Select from our trio of plans – starter, value, or premium – each tailored with a specific KM limit to ensure you're only billed for your actual mileage.
  4. Drive Away in 48 Hours: Once you're on board, every car is prepped, primed, and poised for your adventures. With the vehicle clean and tanked up, all that's left is for you to manage the weekly subscription, fuel, and any toll costs. Enjoy the ride, and let us handle the rest!

Upgrade to a Modern Monthly Car Solution 

 If you perhaps have a bad credit score or feel your only option is a Centrelink-approved loan on a rent-to-own vehicle deals, it’s time to review your options. The tide is turning towards subscription-based services as the new-age answer to long-term car rent-to-own agreements. Review Motopool's streamlined, budget-friendly approach for longer-term vehicle access today. 

Enrol now, and in just 48 hours, embark on a journey tailored to your unique driving preferences.

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