The Smarter Alternative to Novated Leasing

Novated leases are a well-known option for car acquisition through salary packaging, involving agreements between employees, employers, and leasing companies. While offering financial benefits, they often come with inflexibility and long-term commitments. Motopool presents a new alternative with car subscriptions; the model provides similar salary packaging advantages, with added flexibility and potential savings to the retail standard offerings. Motopool's car subscription offers a modern and adaptable vehicle access solution that has a lot of additional advantages compared to the traditional novated leasing.

Novated Leases vs. Car Subscriptions

In contrast to the rigid structure of novated leases, car subscriptions offer unparalleled flexibility and more affordable, transparent pricing. Say goodbye to long-term commitments and embrace a new era of driving convenience with Motopool:

Customisation: Enjoy modification and branding options to make your vehicle uniquely yours or aligned with your business.

Flexibility: Unlike novated leases, switch cars according to your evolving lifestyle with ease.

No Long-Term Commitment: Choose from plans starting as little as a two-month commitment.

Convenience: Experience a streamlined sign-up process and get on the road in less than 48 hours.

Comprehensive Services: Benefit from included insurance, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance in one simple package.

Cost Transparency: Clear pricing with Motopool means no surprises, making budgeting straightforward and predictable.

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What is included with Motopool Car Subscriptions?

Car Registration & Insurance

Say goodbye to the annual budget crunch of car registration and insurance fees. With our plan, these costs are seamlessly integrated into your weekly payments, making financial planning a breeze.

Servicing & Maintenance

Experience the convenience of complimentary servicing and continuous maintenance. Our subscription ensures your car is always in top condition, with services available at conveniently located providers.

Comprehensive Vehicle Warranty

Drive with confidence, knowing that any issues are covered under a vehicle warranty that spans the entire duration of your subscription. Peace of mind comes standard with us.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Relax knowing that help is always just a call away. Motopool subscription plans include comprehensive roadside assistance, ensuring you're never alone on the road.

Motopool's Subscription Plans


  • Inclusive of all expenses, except for fuel and toll costs
  • 3-month minimum subscription period
  • 250km weekly allotment
  • One-off joining fee of $250


  • Inclusive of all expenses, except for fuel and toll costs
  • 3-month minimum subscription period
  • 500km weekly allotment
  • One-off joining fee of $250


  • All-inclusive, except fuel and toll costs
  • 2-month minimum subscription period
  • 750km weekly allotment
  • No joining fee

Common Business Vehicle Options

Single Cab Tray: Ideal for tradies, featuring a powerful diesel engine, ladder racks, a toolbox, and a tow bar.

Dual Cab Tray: Perfect for balancing work and family, with standard customisation options for business needs.

Dual Cab 4x4 Ute: Rugged for worksites but comfortable for daily use, tailor-made for diverse business requirements.

Cargo Van: Versatile for carrying large loads or serving as a mobile workshop, with customisation potential.

Top Spec 4x4 Ute: A versatile vehicle that combines ruggedness with luxury, suitable for making a business statement.

Electric Vehicle: Reduce running costs and environmental impact with the latest EV models, ideal for testing new technologies without commitment.

Connect with the Motopool team for tailored solutions and to explore our current vehicle availability.

FAQs About Car Subscriptions vs. Novated Leases

What makes a car subscription more flexible than a novated lease?

Car subscriptions provide a more flexible option than novated leases, primarily due to the variety of choices and ease of switching between different vehicle models. This flexibility allows users to adapt to changing needs, such as switching to a larger car for family growth or a luxury model for business purposes. Unlike the fixed nature of novated leases, which typically involve long-term commitments to a single vehicle, car subscriptions offer shorter, more adaptable terms, often on a monthly or weekly basis. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for those whose vehicle needs may fluctuate frequently.

Additionally, car subscriptions streamline budgeting by bundling all costs, except fuel & tolls, into one predictable payment. This includes expenses like registration, insurance, and maintenance, which may not be fully covered or transparent in novated leases. Subscribers also benefit from not having to deal with balloon payments at lease end, or concerns about vehicle depreciation. The ease of entering and exiting these subscriptions, with minimal paperwork and financial penalty, further enhances their appeal over more rigid and financially demanding novated leases.

Are there any hidden fees with Motopool?

There are no hidden fees in their car subscription service. The regular payment covers all of the vehicle-related expenses, excluding only fuel & tolls. This clear pricing model makes budgeting simpler and more predictable, contrasting with some car leasing options where unexpected costs can arise. By prioritizing transparency, Motopool aims to provide a straightforward and trustworthy service, allowing customers to enjoy their car subscriptions without worrying about unforeseen expenses.

How quickly can I switch cars with my subscription?

The ability to switch cars quickly is one of the standout features of a car subscription service. With most providers, including companies like Motopool, the process of changing vehicles is designed to be fast and efficient.

The exact time frame for switching can vary depending on the provider's policies and the availability of desired vehicles. However, many car subscription services strive to make the switch as prompt as possible, often within a few days. This quick turnaround is much more flexible compared to traditional leasing or ownership, where changing vehicles usually involves a much longer and more complex process.

Ready to Switch to a More Flexible Alternative to Novated Leasing? 

Join the Motopool family today to reduce business costs and experience the future of car access. Enjoy flexibility, transparency, and a range of options tailored to your lifestyle.

*This information is provided as general guidance and may not be suitable for your specific circumstances, objectives, or financial situation. It is important to assess whether the suggestions offered are appropriate for your unique needs. We recommend carefully reviewing all relevant terms and conditions of any product or service under consideration before making any decisions.

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