The Smarter Alternative to Long Term Car Rental

Are you baffled at car prices but also hate long-term commitments? We get it. The automotive industry has lost its way, and it's time for change. Car Subscriptions are the new, more flexible, budget-friendly, and low-commitment alternative to long-term car rentals. The data is in, and the people have spoken. Car Subscriptions are disrupting the automotive industry significantly and for the better. Motopools Car Subscriptions offer a new level of access and convenience to drivers looking for a medium to long-term car rental without convoluted agreements or the commitment to ownership. Whether you're battling the urban hustle or enjoying coastal serenity, car subscriptions offer a more convenient, cheaper alternative to long-term car rental options to suit any lifestyle or budget. 

What is a Long Term Car Rental?

When we talk about car rental long term, we’re referring to renting a vehicle for an extended period of time, typically spanning 1-month or even 3-month stretches. It’s an arrangement typically undertaken by individuals and businesses requiring extended-term car hire but aren’t quite ready or willing to commit to a purchase or traditional, lengthy lease / novated lease, or rent-to-own agreements.

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 Long-Term Car Rentals vs. Car Subscriptions from Motopool

In the past, long-term car rentals typically meant signing lengthy contracts, decoding complex, unclear fee structures, and being bound to a single vehicle for the entirety of the agreement. At Motopool, we think it's time to leave all that behind. Our new car subscription services are revolutionising the concept of long-term car access. Whether you're in AdelaideBrisbaneMelbournePerthSydneyBallarat and coastal areas like the Gold Coast and Geelong.  

Motopool's three simple Car Subscription plans allow you to pay a straightforward membership fee based on how far you expect to drive. All three options have a distinct advantage over traditional renting and rent-to-own model: Aside from fuel (and road tolls), all costs are covered:


  • Covering all costs outside of fuel and tolls
  • Minimum subscription term of 3 months
  • 250km per week
  • One-off joining fee of $250


  • Covering all costs outside of fuel and tolls
  • Minimum subscription term of 3 months
  • 500km per week
  • One-off joining fee of $250


  • Covering all costs outside of fuel and tolls
  • Minimum subscription term of 2 months
  • 750km per week
  • No joining fee

After making this payment, you will have access to a wide range of vehicles, as well as extras, that are usually only available at an added expense, including insurance, roadside assistance, and servicing. What’s more, as we don’t have a maximum subscription period, we are the perfect option for flexible, affordable extended-term car hire across AdelaideBrisbaneMelbournePerthSydneyBallarat and coastal areas like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Geelong.  

How is a Subscription Service Better Than Long Term Car Rentals?

When considering a prolonged vehicle rental, a subscription service shines in areas where traditional long-term rentals can falter, including:

  • Flexibility: Car subscriptions do not bind you to one specific vehicle. As your needs change, you can seamlessly switch between models or types, ensuring you always have the right car for your current situation.
  • Cost-Efficiency: With traditional long-term car rentals, hidden costs, such as maintenance, insurance, or unexpected fees, can catch customers off guard. Car subscription services, like Motopool, roll these expenses into one transparent weekly fee, making prolonged car leasing easier, and more affordable, than ever.
  • Convenience: Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and long waiting times that usually come with a protracted car rental agreement. Subscription services streamline the entire process. From signing up to getting your keys, it’s all designed for user ease.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Unlike rentals, where certain amenities might cost extra, subscription services often provide inclusive packages. This means insurance, maintenance, and added benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance come standard.
  • No Long-term Commitment: Long-term rentals might lock you into rigid contracts, but car subscription services celebrate flexibility. With options like Motopool, you can start with a commitment as low as two months, and decide how long you want to continue, adapting to your evolving needs. 

Given these advantages, it’s clear that, for many, car subscription services represent the future of long-term vehicle access, marrying convenience, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

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Get Started with a Cheaper Alternative To Long-Term Car Rental

  1. Simple Start: Forget about lengthy paperwork or hidden clauses. Sign up online in a matter of minutes. After a quick ID & credit check, you're set for approval. This means you can kickstart your journey of long-term auto hire without the typical bureaucratic hold-ups.
  2. Tailored to Your Needs: Once you're signed up, a dedicated Motopool concierge will be in touch to guide you through the fleet, helping you pick the perfect car for your needs. Whether it's a hatchback for city cruising or an SUV for family outings, the choice and freedom for long-term car rentals are unprecedented.
  3. Swap and Adapt: One of the most significant drawbacks of a traditional lengthy car hire agreement is being stuck with a single vehicle. With Motopool, if your circumstances change, so can your car. From work vehicles, to hatchbacks, to electric vehicles, swap models to match your evolving lifestyle and requirements as extended car rental.
  4. Transparent Costs: Our all-inclusive weekly fee system ensures you’re not constantly reaching into your pocket for added costs. Insurance, maintenance, and even 24/7 roadside assistance are part and parcel of the package. Your main responsibility? Keep the tank full and enjoy the ride.
  5. Ready to Go: Once everything is set, your vehicle will be prepared, cleaned, and fuelled up. Within 48 hours of your selection, you'll be on the road, enjoying the perks of your new drive, without any of the traditional burdens of car ownership. 

Elevate Your Experience with Monthly Car Rentals

Subscriptions are rapidly emerging as the preferred alternative to rental cars for long-term needs and also rent to own models. Motopool offer a modern, efficient and cheaper option for long-haul car hire. Register with us today, and within 48 hours, you can begin a seamless experience tailored to your driving needs.

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